jokes on me i guess

November 11, 2009

once I decided I needed to write a post about women becoming invisible at 40 years old I then fell off the posting bandwagon and became invisible here. a self fulfilling prophesy.


I blew the NaBlo

November 9, 2009

Well, not even a week and I feel off the Nablopomo (?) challenge. But I”m going to keep plugging away since I’m back on the posting bandwagon. I am finding if I think I will post later in the day that is what gets me in trouble (yes, yes, I know Eden told us this tip ages ago, and i know this to be true from challenges in the past….but hard to teach an old dog, yada, yada yada.)

Big weekend here in the ‘hood……Friday night was the Washburn football game (we lost 26-27, Miranda cried….remember when you used to cry over such things as lost football games?) then Saturday was social justice day, Annie and I attended Walking the Talk of Welcome, about ways to be more inclusive to the LGBT community in our church. then home to a flurry of email messages about the Stupak amendment (another post all together when…well, god only knows when.) then off to Gasthoff’s to celebrate Dennis and Ruth’s wedding (yes a year late) and Mom’s birthday. Needless to say I had too much to drink which made for a long day on Sunday…with church, mother daughter bookclub and then a bowling fundraiser.

Oh and my washing machine has arrived and I’m washing anything in sight. It is still novel. Miranda’s sleeping bag is being washed right now 🙂

So heavy on the stay at home mom blog today. Once I get some work done for one polar explorer who is ready to head to the South Pole, and I get my storm windows washed, then I will have some more quality ass in the computer chair time which will hopefully result in more quality posting.

thanks for sticking with me.

state fair pic 2

PCR booth at the state fair

Skirt Sports

November 6, 2009

Ok, ok, this still is not the post on becoming invisible…..but it is the post on the rockin’ cool package I received full of fun stuff from Skirt Sports today! For those of you who know me, you know that the only form of exercise I enjoy is walking back and forth to the fridge to get another beer. But the fun workout gear from Skirt sport even compelled me to fill out a survey on triathlons (never, nada, won’t happen here. monkeys flying out of…well you get the idea). The skirt is so cool it makes me want to RUN.

beer and sushi

November 5, 2009

Beer and Sushi got the better of me last night. I meant to drop the girls for their confirmation event, help out in the kitchen and then scurry home for a couple of quiet hours while Tim went to his bike meeting. But while hashing through where Marti could find sushi while she killed time we decided to all go to Bagu, our neighborhood sushi spot (that has been here for years but I have never gone to before.) Imagine how pleased we were to find that we arrived just in time to get an order in before the end of happy hour! Spending the evening eating good food, drinking 2 for 1 beers and chatting with girl friends was WAY better than contemplating how turning 40 has made me invisible 😉 I promise to mull on the topic more though…because it is still nagging at me. But for now I need to parent…..

busily invisible

November 4, 2009

Murphy’s Law I suppose, that when I wake up with a brilliant inspiration that I want to blog on it is the day where I have the least amt of time available.

10am brunch
1pm set up lost and found at school
2:30 Annie to piano
3:30 fetch Annie home
4:30 fetch Miranda from debate
5pm be at church to serve pizza

add in finish up grocery order, exercise, unload dishwasher along with all of the other glorious aspects of my life (thank god I still am washerless so I don’t need to mess with that!) and I don’t know when I will sit down to write.

But it is brewing, I need to bring a notebook a long because while most of my day time tasks are mindless I know I’ll be mulling on it and hopefully can sit down with a beer and pound something more meaningful out tonight.

The topic? Women in their 40s become invisible. I will have lots to say (when don’t I?) so check back.

dirty mama

November 3, 2009

Last Sunday (a week and a half ago, not 2 days ago) our washer died. Dead. Done. I dutifully called our repair man who wasn’t going to be able to come out until Friday, but i figured we could wait. The girls are old enough that there isn’t the constant laundry influx like there was when they were toddlers…..the biggest laundry issue with teens is that they tend to put EVERYTHING clean or dirty into the washer in order to “clean” their rooms. So I told them NOTHING into the laundry that doesn’t have blood or snot on it (which is a surprising amt considering the flu getting passed around. but anyway….)

All last week I enjoyed not doing laundry, know that on Friday I could throw in a few extra loads and catch up with a Netflix movie for a few hours of folding. But then on Friday my handy dandy repair guy informed me that my washer. is. dead. With Halloween and parties looming I had no time to run out to Sears so I figured I could wait a few more days.

During the Vikings game at my sisters house I ran two emergency loads……socks, undies, school uniforms and a few dish towels. Everything that we needed to get by a little bit longer.

But now today our drawers are suspiciously empty and I am fearing the laundry that will need to be done when said washer is delivered. We are going shopping tonight, and hopefully it won’t take long for them to get it here…..but as it is, we are nearing the beach towels in the towel pile and Tim was questioning if he had any tshirts as Miranda dug in my drawer for a pair of socks.

I’m not sure if I will make it without going to the laundermat…..the vacation from laundry has been nice to be sure….but it is Nov in MN and we do need to be clothed…..dirty-laundry

costume bonanza

November 2, 2009

two costumes. 10 minutes. less than $10. when does that ever happen? AND it was comfy enough that I could eat (and boy, did I ever!) I think halloween might be my new favorite holiday!The Jetsons!